Week 4 , Term 1 Newsletter

Friday 23rd February 2024

Nau mai haere mai, Welcome

Kia ora Clive whānau,

2024 has got off to a roaring start both in the classrooms and out.

From a strategic direction we have three primary goals in 2024. Connection with our whānau and wider community. Improved teaching and learning opportunities in Writing and finally supporting our people to thrive.

Our connection to whānau and the wider community is aimed at bringing you closer to what we do here at school. You would have noted already that after a long hiatus, our school fair is coming back. This is just one small part of bringing whānau and the wider community back together to ensure success for our tamariki and school. After all, learning is a partnership between home and school.

2024 sees our staff engaging in professional learning and development in writing. Our staff and thus students will be working with Dr Helen Walls and Christina Braid, experts in the field of writing. Writing has changed a lot since we all went to school with the invention of devices, online platforms etc. This professional development is aimed at reinforcing this, but more importantly focusing on the basics of handwriting and writing using pen/pencil and paper to ensure our tamariki can communicate and function in both an online and physical/personal world.

In Term Two we will begin working with the Sir John Kirwan Foundation, Mitey programme. Mitey is aimed at supporting our students, staff and community to thrive in a challenging, fast paced world. Mitey teaches our students to Pause, Breath, Smile and be grounded in who they are, supporting them with the tools they need to grow up happy, healthy and productive members of society.

As we move through the year, keep an eye out for more community events and information around writing and the Mitey programme.

One more thing.... 2024 is a school production year. Watch this space!

Noho ora mai / stay well

Chris Birch

Junior School Playground

Completion of our brand new Junior School playground is just around the corner. Whilst the structure is in, all the fall material needs to be moved back in and topped up. We have organised a contractor to do this which will be undertaken next week. Once complete and the necessary depth of fall material reached we will be opening the playground to our wonderful tamariki.

A massive thank you to everyone in the community who has helped to bring this project to fruition. From our amazing FOS team, parents who dug in to remove the fall material and all those who volunteered to do their bit to get it where it is now.

The kids are super excited as are we!


Win this BBQ and Cart!

One lucky community member will be walking away from the Fair with this beautiful Weber BBQ and Cart. Thanks to the generous donation from Your Solutions our Friends of School have this to raffle.

Tickets are on sale now, $5.00 each get yours from any of our school whānau!

What are we fundraising for?
Our School Fair is raising money to install essential shade sails around our school. Since the cyclone a lot of the natural shade our tamariki sat under had to be removed due to damage. Our Friends of School have two identified areas that they wish to install shade sails over. The first is over the new Junior School Playground and the second, between Room 11 and the hall. This would give our students a large and safe eating and play space out of the sun.

You can assist by selling raffle tickets, supporting the fair and donating money and/or your time to our awesome Friends of School (FOS) "For Our Kids Now".


Cell phones in school and an hour a day of Reading, Writing and Maths

There has been a lot of publicity of late in the media surrounding cellphones and devices in school as well as the requirement to teach Reading, Writing and Maths for an hour a day.

Cell phones:
Nothing changes for us at Clive as our students have always been expected to hand cellphones into the office on arrival at school. The discussion was had at the most recent board meeting that all devices (iPads, Chromebooks, phones and smart watches) should not be used during school time to make contact with anyone (including parents). Should children or parents/caregivers need to get in touch with each other all communications should be made through the office.

An hour a day.

The governments directive of an hour of Reading, Writing and Maths teaching is also nothing new to Clive, in fact it is less time than has previously been spent. Throughout each day our students engage in all literacy and numeracy teaching in stand alone subjects as well as in an integrated curriculum learning (through other curriculum areas such as Science, Social Sciences, Technology etc). The Education Review Office is tasked with checking on how we apply this, for which the conversation and checking has already begun.

What has been going on over the last two weeks?