Week 6, Term 2 Newsletter

2nd June 2023


Kia ora Clive whānau,

We thank you for your understanding and support this week with our Teachers attending stop work meetings on Wednesday.

As a sector that is focused on serving our community, we do not like to close the school, or strike, as we know the significant impacts that this has on you our community, your places of work and of course the most important, our tamariki.

Our staff and those of all schools across New Zealand are currently undergoing contract negotiations with the Government. I always find these times frustrating and difficult to lead a school as the impacts on you our community are significant. The media are very quick to highlight the money being offered to teachers and principals but never seem to really identify the other components. Our staff all struggle with this too. We acknowledge the money being offered is very good, where we seek greater support is in the classrooms for our students and their teachers.

Neurodiversity (the way in which we learn and our brains are wired) in classrooms along with behaviour, social and emotional needs are ever expanding. Operations grants, Staffing and specialist support decreasing. Access for additional support for children is near impossible to source and is usually only distributed one term at a time for those that require 1:1 support. If we are lucky this is only for an hour or two a day.

The Government announced a few weeks back to great fanfare an improved staffing formula for Year 3 to 8 children. This does not mean that classrooms will be capped at 28 children, rather a very small increase in the value of staffing children at this age bring to a school. For Clive this may be .001 of a full time teacher when 1 is a teacher in the classroom. Don't get me wrong, this is the right direction but what we need is more people to support our tamariki in every classroom now.

Your kids, my kids and those across our country need this and deserve this!

This is not meant to criticise our current government, rather shine a light on all parties and all future governments who need to do a better job for our tamariki.

What would we like to see from any future New Zealand Government, or this one?
  • Support that focuses on every learner!
  • A teacher aide in every classroom to support the diversity present.
  • Classroom rolls capped at 18 in Years 0-2 and 25 in Years 3 - 8
  • Support for every child who is falling behind or struggling socially and/or emotionally, academically or behaviourally.
  • An education sector that is taken off the political football field where goal posts are changed every 3 years. An education sector run by the people who are working in it every day and know the needs of our tamariki.
I'm not a builder, but I know, if you do not build a strong foundation, your building will crumble and fall over.

Investment in public sectors - those that serve - Education, Health, Social services, Police and other emergency services is vital as without these, our communities suffer. You only have to watch or read the news to see this playing out across our country or sit in any of our DHB departments to see what under investing in our foundations does.

He aha te mea nui o te ao
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people
Maori proverb

Noho ora mai
Chris Birch

Education Review Office: (ERO)

All schools around New Zealand are constantly monitored by the Education Review Office, to ensure we are meeting the needs our our tamariki and communities.

Our most recent visit occurred on Thursday (yesterday) with our reviewer spending time in our classrooms observing our staff and their teaching and learning programmes.

Our reviewer was blown away by our teams programmes, our students Manaakitanga/Respect and the depth of the relationship between our Kaiako/teachers and their akonga/learners.

The key points taken directly from our observers notes were:

  • Classrooms are settled, respectful, collaborative and inclusive with a clear focus on meeting diverse learning needs within a supportive learning environment.
  • Positive, respectful relationships consistently evident and whanaungatanga a strength. Teachers know their learners and consistently respond to individual needs with respect, understanding and empathy.
  • High expectations set and reinforced consistently and positively, supporting a safe and respectful classroom climate.
  • Feedback and feedforward effectively used to promote student learning including student led opportunities.
  • High levels of engagement through purposeful, structured and scaffolded literacy learning opportunities.
  • Differentiation to meet students individual needs used in adaptive ways to promote equitable learner outcomes.
  • Māori learners are supported to achieve success with culture, language and identity valued.
  • Culturally responsive and relational approaches consistently evident to improve student learning.
  • Learner agency is well supported and promoted across all year levels.
Ka mau te wehi Clive!
These are your children's teachers.
Matahiwi Noho Marae, Year 6 Leadership camp

Te Mata Te Maunga
Tukituki Te Awa
Matahiwi te marae (Kohupatiki)
Waipureku te kura
As the first verse of our school song attest we are incredibly fortunate at Waipureku Clive, to belong to two marae (Matahiwi and Kohupatiki). Our aim is to have every child at our school visit both marae, and have the opportunity by the end of their time at our school to moe (sleep) there also.

The last few years disruption due to Covid 19 and renovations at both marae have made this a little challenging, however our Year 6 students have just had an amazing experience at Matahiwi on Thursday 26th of May.

For some, this was the very first opportunity that they have ever had to visit a marae, and for others to sleep there. Our kaiako (teachers) did an amazing job of organising this noho, including some guest speakers to discuss their journey to leadership and what this looked like for them as they went through school.

Whilst our tamariki (staff and parents too) were tired, they had a wonderful time. A huge thanks to the Matahiwi Tangata Whenua for making us feel so welcome.

Dogs on School Grounds:

Lately, we have noticed a few dogs being brought onto school grounds. Please note that we have a no-dogs on-school grounds policy.

This is to protect the children, as well as the dogs and their owners should something occur.

The only exception to this is with prior consent from the principal for education purposes.

We thank you for your assistance in keeping our tamariki safe.

Barefoot Rugby:
Well done to our Rugby players who took part in the barefoot rugby tackle tournament on Thursday the 25th of May. As with every year, there were some big games with some impressive skill on display from both our Clive tamariki and those from other schools.

Thanks to our awesome parents who took the teams on the day!
Our school operates an Out-of-Zone process for students that do not reside within our Ministry of Education enforced school zone. You have probably seen the billboards promoting our Out-of-Zone enrolments process is now open (as above). We have a short period of time each year to advertise these placements. Anyone from outside our school zone must apply for these positions during this time.

Our school zone is:
  • Commencing at the Clive Bridge, Ngaruroro River
  • Following State Highway 2 to Farndon Road
  • Farndon Road to Pakowhai Road
  • Follow the line straight south east from this junction, to the intersection of Te Mata-Mangateretere and Lawn Roads.
  • Follow Lawn Road, via the Tukituki River to the sea.
  • Follow the coast north to the Ngaruroro River.
If you know of someone with a child who may wish to enrol at Clive school during the remainder of this year and who resides outside our zone boundary, please let them know this process is now open. The application process closes on Friday 9th June.

Application information is available via our school website on the Enrolment page.

Please let your friends and family know.
Thanks, Westpac Bank

A huge thanks to Westpac Bank who donated these amazing sports balls to our school.

Our students are loving using them around the school grounds.
We hope you enjoy King's Birthday weekend with your children, friends and family.

See you back at school on Tuesday 6th June!
School Calendar:
5th June - Kings Birthday (School closed)
8th June - HBRU skills coaching Year 4 - 6
9th June - Assembly 3C
15th June - Year 5 EIT Health study - Participating students

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