Week 8, Term 2 Newsletter

16th June 2023


Kia ora Clive whānau,

It is hard to believe we are already in week 8 of Term 2. The year seems to be racing by. Our staff are busy at present finalising the Mid Year reports. These will be sent home with your child in week 10. Keep an eye on our school app and Facebook for the notification of when they are in the children's bags. We try to minimise the number of envelopes we use to send these home so group whānau reports together in one family envelope to be sent home with the eldest child.

Earlier this week I sent out a notice informing you of the bookings for whānau conferences are now open. These will be held in Week 1 of Term 3 (Information below). Please do not hesitate to contact the teachers or Jo if you have difficulty making a booking.

Along side the student reports, you may receive a letter regarding student attendance. Research has shown that student attendance is directly related to student success, both academically, socially and emotionally. The saying goes,

"we cannot teach them if we cannot reach them".

This is easy to say but hard to do something about.

After the last four years of COVID 19 disruptions, cyclones, industrial action and continuing isolation requirements due to COVID 19 our attendance data is well down on pre-Covid levels. Our Board of Trustees, and those of all schools across New Zealand are required to set an attendance target based on the national expectation. For Clive this is 90% or above.

So what does this actually mean? We are expected to be open for instruction 386 half days a year (193 full days). If your child is at school 90% of the time, they would have missed 19.3 days by the end of the year.

As I read all of our students reports and celebrate our wonderful tamariki, I also worry about the level of students who fall well below this target (calculated at mid year rates). I urge you, as your child's advocate, parent/caregiver, protector and champion. If you see that your child's attendance rate is below this rate. Review and consider what and when you are taking your child out of school . 2023 has not been easy, with a week lost to the cyclone and requirements to isolate for 7 days ongoing if we test positive for Covid 19. For most students this will already equate to 10 - 14 days off school for the year.

Family trips, birthdays, special events, they are all important, but do they justify having days off school?

Our children's success, lies at the hands of our decisions.

He waka eke noa / we are all in this together.

Noho ora mai
Chris Birch

Road safety reminder

School pick-ups and drop-offs can be stressful, right? We are racing to get to our next appointment, back to work or where ever we need to be. Life can be hectic but our students need you to be safe, to protect them as they cannot protect themselves!

Recently we have had an increase in parents double parking, parking over the bridge or leaving their car in the pick up and drop off zone and shooting into school to collect children. Unfortunately we have also had instances of road rage directed at our community members.

All of these actions put our students and their families at risk and infuriate others.

A few reminders:

Drop off and pick up zone - Drivers should not leave their vehicle - If there is space in front, please move up so as many cars can fit as possible.

Yellow Lines - Are not for parking on.

Disabled Car Park - Only cars displaying a disability permit are permitted to park here (at any time).

Staff car park - is for staff.

Double parking - This creates blind spots for people pulling out from carparks as well as for our road patrollers. Their job is tricky and they need to see. Please refrain from double parking.


2:50 - 3:05 is the worst time to get a carpark. If your child can wait, tell them to wait outside until 3:05 - 3:10 - You will be able to pull into the drop off zone, collect your child/ren and drive straight on out.

Walk, bike, scoot - Enjoy the fresh air and watching the smile on your kids faces. It's good for you too.

Be kind - Life can be pretty challenging for everyone at the moment. Be kind, smile and say hello. As I tell the kids, smiles are contagious!

Please help us, keep everyone safe
Congratulations to Hunter for another super successful year in his chosen sport, Moto Cross. Hunter picked up 1st place in the 7 - 11-year-old Trail Mini series as well as the Mini Sports person of the year award at the recent awards.
Ka mau te wehi Hunter!
What is happening around the school?

Geometry, exploring, Netball skills with Bianca Vandyke, buddy class and kids being kids - just having fun!

Ka mau te wehi Waipureku/Clive!

Whānau and Teacher Conferences: Open for Bookings via our School App:

Whānau & Teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th of July from 2pm until 6:00pm for all students.

School will finish on both of these days at 1:50 pm to allow time for our staff to meet with all the families of their children.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could collect your child at this time or during lunch (1pm to 1:50pm). If this is not Mrs Scott and other support staff will supervise the remaining children in the hall or on the field until 3:00pm.

If you would like your child to walk/ bike home at 1:50pm can you please notify their class teacher so they know to release them, otherwise they will not be allowed to leave until 3pm.
AFCARE and the bus will operate as per normal at 3pm.

We encourage you to bring your children to these hui, so they can share their successes and learning goals with you.

To discuss the Term 2 report (please bring this to the interview) and any questions around this. Reports will be sent home in week 10 of this term.
To discuss their learning and social development.

To Book:
Please click on the link below to book your time

If you are unable to book, please contact Jo Waitoa in the school Office.
School Calendar:

16th June - 3W Assembly (2:30 in the hall)
22nd June - Year 5 EIT Health study - Participating students (Date change)
21st June - Coastal Cluster Netball
22nd - 27th June - Book fair available in library after school
23rd June - Pirate dress up day -(book fair theme)
23rd June - Room 8 Assembly (2:20 start - Note earlier start time as bucket band performing)

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