Friends of the School – FOS

The mantra we operate under is ‘for our kids now’

This is a group of parents who consider the relationship between school and home as being very important and wish to contribute in other ways to the ‘life of the school’. As a group they organise events and fundraise. The funds are used for our ‘kids now’ with fundraising money being allocated to a specific goal or purpose. Funds are targeted at meeting the needs of the children to provide items that cannot be provided by the Board of Trustees, as funding received via the Ministry cannot always do so.

We also have other parents who contribute in other ways from putting down a hangi, to tree felling, driving children to sports events and volunteering to assist in classrooms in many different ways. FOS organise weekly Friday lunch orders (for those who wish to purchase). All of these people are a part of FOS group.

All of these people and their contributions are valued and appreciated by children and staff at school. If you want to get to know the school and its community then this group is certainly the fastest way to do so.

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School Lunches

  • FOS Friday Lunches – Orders are taken in the hall before School on a Friday (from approximately 8.30am to 8.55am)
    • Sausages $2.00
    • Pie or Meatball $3.00
    • Juicies $2.00 (Summer only)

FOS Food Fair